The Buyerarchy of Needs

The items we buy create waste. Not just with the packaging that we throw away, but all the energy and materials it took to make and transport it. I wanted to share this image to help as a reminder. It’s especially hard to avoid buying stuff in the U.S with our consumerist society. Everyday we get bombarded with “stuff” “you need TODAY!” For me personally, I have never enjoyed shopping. So avoiding buying has been rather easy for me. However, one thing that I’ve had to work on is using what I have and swapping.

To help with swapping, I’ve started a bin that’s purely dedicated to stuff I no longer need. Whenever a friend or family come over, I show them the bin and see if there’s anything that they need. If there is something, then we’ll usually try to see if there’s something we can swap for. I don’t need very much though, and it’s something I didn’t need in the first place, so I don’t mind just giving it away.