Stop sucking

There’s a great campaign running in Portland for the month of September, called #stopsucking. Even though I’m not in Portland myself, this is something I’ve been working on for months here at home. You should try doing it for a month too. Once you get into the habit, it’s fairly easy.

The US & UK, there are over 550 million plastic straws used DAILY. The US’s daily consumption alone is equal to enough plastic straws to wrap around the earth’s circumference 2.5 times! All this for a convenience item we don’t even need.

Yes, there are corner cases. Straws help those who suffer from teeth sensitivity. That’s why I also have two steel straws that I will use on occasion. There are also composting bamboo straws that you could use for a party if necessary. But ideally, I’d like to just stop using them altogether.

I was happy to see the #stopsucking campaign because one of my new years resolutions was to try and produce less waste. That means using more reusable cups when I am eating out or grabbing some starbucks (because I’m not perfect). I keep the reusable containers in my car or in my bag when I’m out and if I ever need to stop somewhere, they’re always within grabbing distance. I’ve even used my cups a couple of time for when I’ve had to grab a quick bite to eat and want some soda. That’s another item I’m trying to stop using, but that’s another post for another time.

Basically, just try to reduce your waste on a wasteful item. One month and it’ll be easier than you think. Just be conscious of the waste you’re creating and know that ever straw you say ‘no’ to makes a difference. Good luck!

If you want to take the challenge: