A new beginning

What am I doing?

I’m creating something to get my ideas out there and show how we can do simple things in our lives to make the world less of a mess. It’s up to me and everyone else to look at our habits and see how we can make not only our future but the future of the planet a better place to live. I’m putting all my ideas to improve the environment here.

Why am I doing it?

Sometimes it feels like the rest of the world is working against me. And I just want this to be my reminder that there’s a lot of people out there who think the same way I do. We are conscious of the impact we’re making and are trying to make a difference. This is my way to reach out to those people. Maybe by doing this, I can reach out to those who have thought about making a change but haven’t. I can show them how easy it is to really start.

Is it authentic to who I am?

I do feel like every step I’ve made in the past 5+ years have led me to this moment right now. I feel better about not only myself but the future when I’m actively working towards making less. It seems to come much easier to me and I would love to keep making improvements.