What blogger am I?

The big Facebook fad this month seems to be those quizzes popping up in your news feed. Whether it’s a “what character from your favorite book/game/show are you,” or figuring out if you might survive an apocalypse; these quizzes have become a fascination  to the masses. For some insight, here’s a video to give better analysis than I ever could. And I could not agree more with everything DKlarations has to say. The reason these quizzes are so popular is because people want  confirmation from a “stranger” or quiz that they are similar to the characters they already love. It has less to do with what you actually see for yourself. And now to bring it full circle…


Being a part of the creative world, there’s always the debate of whether you are creating for you or for your audience. Do you write the blog based on the audience you want or the audience you know you could get? In my opinion, you have to be passionate about what it is you’re putting out there: whether it is a piece of art or a blog. By having that passion, your work becomes more attainable to those with similar interests and ideas as yourself. Are you going to be limiting yourself  from getting a wider audience? Probably.But at the same time, you don’t want to spread yourself thin in the hopes of everyone liking you.

“If everyone is thinking alike, then no one is thinking.”― Benjamin Franklin

Don’t take a quiz in the hopes of you getting that one character that you love and don’t create something that you don’t have the passion for. There are too many avenues out there for you to limit yourself.

I’ve now completely over-analyzed these quizzes. I guess that makes me the crazy blogger.