Super Bowl Commercials

February isn’t just about heart shaped chocolate covered emotion or furry animals predicting weather. It is also about everything American: Football and consumerism. Being from the midwest, I wasn’t too interested in the Superbowl. I didn’t feel too particular about either team, but it was hard to avoid the commercials. Since I have a slight Youtube addiction, I’d seen most of the commercials before the game was even on. Is that the new trend now with the Superbowl? I mean, I know they spend a ridiculous amount of money on the advertising. I don’t even want to know the specific amount of $$ because I’d be afraid of how outrageous it’d be. But it begs the question: does marketing everything months before its relevant work? My minds starts to drift back to Christmas and how much I despise the holiday. I know there are people out there who hunt for those deals on Black Friday and spend their what used to be Thanksgiving working at a store that offers them 1.5 hours.

Superbowl commercials

I went to a seminar where the speaker said you can’t measure that kind of success. And I’d have to agree. How can you put a specific number on how much revenue those advertisements are actually giving back? But when does it get outlandish or absurd? Maybe I’m being pessimistic, but I think I’m just being realistic. If someone bashes me over the head with their product, I tend to avoid it. Call me old-fashioned, because I miss the old values (that I truly never got to experience because guess what, I’m a 90’s kid). Technology has allowed us to be surrounded by media 24/7, but it’s doesn’t mean we have to be.

I was going to talk about which Superbowl ad I thought did the most justice, but I guess it turned into a mini-rant instead. If the former is what you were expecting, here’s an article that gives a good analysis of the commercials.