Beyond the Black

It is common knowledge that many artists can have eccentric taste is clothing. Many are proud to boast the colorful shirts, pants and even hair or body. I’m guilty of owning purple pants myself. Maybe one reason why I chose not to pursue the world of Architecture. Many Architects boast the exact opposite. They wear black, gray and consider brown a color. The most famous Architect for his style was Le Corbusier, with his black on black with black round glasses. Within the architecture community, you see those glasses and immediately think of Le Corbusier. Maybe that’s why I was astounded when I saw this article on the ArchDaily website, Rare images of Le Corbusier by Willy Rizzo, in color. It was something I had never seen before. Le Corbusier surrounded by these beautiful pieces of artwork. And if that doesn’t impress you, just search Le Corbusier in the nude on the internet. There’s something you may or may not want to see.  Le Corbusier is an impressive Architect but not just for his own style that he brought to the buildings he created. He put a face to the world of Architecture. I can appreciate that. Many people see the buildings but not the man behind the drawings. Frank Lloyd Wright was a face among the Architects. Yet I would have to argue that Le Corbusier also had more of a personal style as well as architecture style. The idea behind wearing black is that the Architecture is supposed to outshine the Architect.

Within the artists realm, I can understand there being a difference. With an artist, they have to wear and promote their style. Maybe they don’t have to, but its the fact that they want to. Artists are more expressive. They are also expected to live more outside of the suit and tie world of Architecture. A studio is much different from an office. The artist can create their own rules in their studio. Art is meant to push outside the box. Architecture is meant to create a box, metaphorically speaking. That’s all I can say about style. I’ll continue to wear my colors proudly, but I respect the black.


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