Paris, France

I have been fortunate enough in my lifetime to travel. There are so many great new experiences to be had and cultures to see. France may be known for its cuisine and the Louvre (an interesting piece of architecture might I add), but the last time I went over there I was amazed at the Art Culture that has been established. Not only does the Louvre allow endless and endless discovery of grand masterpieces, but there is an overwhelming Street Art Culture. Along the Pont de Arts, there was an artist my study abroad troop ran across. Street art is something that is as common as graffiti in Europe. From the Pont de Arts, we walk/jogged behind our fast paced Dean towards Les Artistes du 59 Rivoli. To some, it might just look like a messy dump, but to all the artist living inside, it is a piece of art from wall to wall. Floor upon floor of different artists and their creations. It was overwhelming but maybe that’s what kept me so entranced. Some day I’ll go back and buy that 200€ painting that I loved so much.I kept thinking how I would never see anything like this in the mid-midwest of the United States. Just like the buildings that are over in Europe, we might never experience the same relationship they have to Art. There are many things that I love about the US but I would have to go back to see the everyday street artist. Usually, the only time you get to see that kind of work around here is during an art festival or… well… an art festival. As long as I can use this as an excuse to keep traveling, I’m OK with it.