"Tree of Life"

Frank Lloyd Wright

The world of Architecture is very good at showing it’s artistic side. Let’s face it, it has to in order to survive. If everyone saw all the codes and mechanical work that was behind their beautiful building, they might not be as intrigued. It takes a great Architect to let the art of the building shine through all the rough interior workings. Frank Lloyd Wright was one of the few to do this. There are many critics of FLW, saying he wasn’t a real architect, but he designed buildings that made people look at their house as not just another roof over their head. There are many other examples of great Architects, but many have at least heard Mr. Wright’s name. It was because he was willing to push the boundaries of the building itself. It was something that was never seen before and will probably never be seen again. His ability to use the landscape and nature as inspiration created beautiful pieces of art. FLW designed not only the houses themselves but the furniture, windows and even fabrics to finish his “masterpiece.” This is what inspired me to pursue Architecture. I loved the ability to see an entire house in your mind and then have the vision come out in real life. Just the way an artist does with a blank canvas or a piece of clay. My love of Frank Lloyd Wright has not diminished and I can only assure that you I will continue to appreciate  the classical American Architecture that he started. He is just one of the many who has inspired me to continue my love of art and architecture.


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  1. Once asked recently by Dennis who was the architect that have inspired me, I replied FLW he somehow didn’t like my answer, perhaps for him FLW was not a contemporary…but I think he is a contemporary for he will survive this era too as a designer, who built with freedom and enclosed the freedom within to be experienced by those who viewed and for lucky few who inhabited the buildings.

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